Please note due to the overwhelming interest, we will be closing our entries on 3 May 2024.


We will be implementing slightly different batching rules.

Race Categories according to age and gender will be batched together, similar to what you would find in road races. This way, riders can keep track of who they are racing against and where they are in the field. Batches will be smaller, enhancing rider safety.  

Elite Men (19-29)10006:45
Sub Vet Men (30-39)7506:50
Vet Men (40-49)7506:55
Master Men (50-59)7507:00
Racing Ladies (Elite, Sub Vet, Vet, Master, Grand Master)10007:05
Grand Master Men (60+)2007:10
A Batch25007:15
B, C, D, E, F, G, H  
I Batch25007:55


  • Only riders who Start in the Elite men or lady batches will be in contention for the overall prizes.
  • Only riders who Start in the appropriate age category will be eligible for age category prizes.
  • Riders may choose to ride down a category. As example: Someone who is above 40 years of age (Vet), may chose to ride in the Elite category, and can be reseeded into the Elite batch, but will no longer be able to qualify for a Veteran prize category.

Further communication on batching will be sent out closer to the race date.