Race to the Sun is a prestigious and challenging new event introduced by Advendurance for adventurous mountain bikers.  The launch in 2018 is not a spur of the moment event, but a carefully planned venture stretching the length and breadth of 4 years.

The first and foremost inspiration is and has always been that of the cyclist, every section of the route was carefully calculated to include a multitude of different experiences to take account of sensory integrations, challenges and endurance of the racers.

The 167km (100-mile) journey starting at Hartbeespoort Die Oewer, stretches the imagination by taking the racers through picturesque landscapes and challenging terrains to the finish at Sun City, ensuring a true Mzanzi magic experience.

The kick off starts at the notorious Hartbeespoort Die Oewer and winds alongside the well-known Brits canals and route passing through farming communities and townships toward Rustenburg. Experience the joy and laughter from children running along with the bikes, supporting cyclist, whilst you are filling your lungs with much needed fresh air and experiencing nature in all its extended glory. Race to the Sun boasts with rich cultural and scenic mountain bike routes, ensuring this journey is unforgettable.

This tough route is designed to challenge your inner adventurer, seek the path ahead and race towards the sun. Technical terrains included, but are not limited to gravel, dirt, mud pools and tar roads are evident throughout the race.  This race makes provision for dedicated individuals, enthusiastic teams and keen relay teams, guaranteeing satisfaction for everyone that love to participate but finding the total distance a tad to challenging.


Considered one of South Africa’s leading outdoor sports event coordinators, it is a reputable and professional platform for outdoor sport thrill seekers that wish to combine a love for sport and the outdoors in one package, by offering an exciting programme of adventurous events that are thrilling and life-changing.


This tough route is designed to challenge your inner adventurer, seek the path ahead and race towards the sun. Riders will be indulged with scenic routes, varying terrains, cultural experiences and an experience out of the ordinary.


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