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Race Report: King Price Race to the Sun 2024

With over 2400 riders embarking on either the 100 or 50-mile race, the atmosphere crackled with excitement as the 2024 King Price Race to the Sun kicked off. Riders from all walks of life, united by their love for cycling, converged at the starting line, ready to take on the challenge ahead.

The brisk morning air was charged with nervous energy and palpable excitement as the 2024 King Price Race to the Sun kicked off. This year’s edition also doubled as the South African Gravel Championships, adding an extra layer of intensity to the already eagerly anticipated event. As the elite men and women lined up at the start, it was evident that riders were ready to push themselves to the limit over the gruelling 100-mile journey to Sun City.

The dynamics unfolded dramatically in the men’s race as Shaun-Nick Bester and Chris Jooste made an early breakaway from the main bunch just 21 kilometres into the race. Their relentless pace saw them maintain their lead for a significant portion of the race, until around the 135-kilometre mark when the chasing pack managed to reel them in. However, the drama was far from over as Marc Pritzen and Marco Joubert launched a powerful attack, breaking away from the bunch. With determination and grit, Marc Pritzen ultimately clinched the title of South African Gravel Champion, with Marco Joubert securing second place and Jaco van Dyk taking the third spot on the podium.

Meanwhile, in the women’s race, the competition was equally fierce as a strong field of around 40 riders set out together, initially working in unison through the race’s first half. However, as the kilometres ticked by, the pace intensified and the group began to splinter, with the favourites still holding their ground. At the 106-kilometer mark, Hayley Preen made her mark by claiming the Queen of the Mountain title, setting the stage for an exhilarating finale.

As the race entered its final stages, a select group of riders including Danielle Strydom, Tyler Jacobs, Sarah Hill, Sam Sanders, Cherise Willeit, and Haylee Preen emerged at the front, locked in a battle for supremacy. With each pedal stroke bringing them closer to the finish line, tension reached its peak as the group approached a sprint finish. In a thrilling conclusion to an already epic race, Danielle Strydom surged ahead to claim victory, crossing the line in first place. Cherise Willeit secured a commendable second-place finish, closely followed by Haylee Preen in third. The incredible display of talent and determination from all six women, who finished within seconds of each other, made for a truly unforgettable race.

Overall Elite Men’s Results:

1st: Marc Pritzen | 04:35:52

2nd: Marco Jobuert | 04:35:54

3rd: Jaco van Dyk | 04:38:23

4th: Jan Withaar | 04:38:30

5th: Arno du Toit | 04:38:41

Overall Elite Women’s Results: 

1st: Danielle Strydrom | 05:32:48

2nd: Cherise Willeit | 05:32:52

3rd: Hayley Preen | 05:32:55

4th: Samantha Sanders | 05:32:56

5th: Tyler Jacobs | 05:33:03

Sub Vet Men:

1st: Thinus Redelinghuys | 04:58:55

2nd: Jean-Baptiste Racoupeau | 04:58:56

3rd: Dusty Day | 05:00:06

Sub Vet Women:

1st: Beverley Wingfield | 05:48:29

2nd: Tanit Krugar | 06:13:01

3rd: Lucy Young | 06:21:26

Veteran Men:

1st: Tyronne White | 04:57:18

2nd: Alex Pavlov | 05:00:31

3rd: Craig Uria | 05:00:57

Veteran Women:

1st: Tess Keers | 05:42:01

2nd: Lasqueve Raubenheimer | 05:52:30

3rd: Marisa van der Linde | 06:00:31

Master Men:

1st: Jean Fourie | 05:07:14

2nd: Andreas Studer | 05:10:04

3rd: Dan van Hemert | 05:10:51

Master Women:

1st: Nicolle Weir | 05:41:02

2nd: Jodi Zulberg | 05:53:27

3rd: Natalie Madies | 06:19:03

Grandmaster Men:

1st: Adriaan Dr Beukes | 05:24:43

2nd: Nick Bester | 05:31:24

3rd: Charles Nienaber | 05:31:32

Grandmaster Women:

1st: Sandra Brookstone | 06:19:45

2nd: Cheryll Smith | 07:11:04

3rd: Gina Potgieter | 08:36:21

Open Men: 

1st: Andy Davies | 05:15:37

2nd: Siyabonga Ntsele | 05:26:24

3rd: Tlotlo Selala | 05:26:25

Open Women:

1st: Hannah Newman | 05:56:36

2nd: Makgabo Mathatho | 06:04:10

3rd: Jade Roberts | 06:05:35

At the finish line, riders were greeted by a new and improved finish, featuring a spacious tent where participants could reunite with their families and relive the highlights of their race. The overall morale was high, with participants expressing their satisfaction at having conquered the challenging course and enjoying a memorable day of cycling.

From seasoned veterans to first-time participants, riders of all abilities came together to celebrate their shared passion for cycling and revel in the sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing oneself to the limit. As the sun set on another unforgettable edition of the King Price Race to the Sun, participants departed with cherished memories and a newfound camaraderie that will last a lifetime.

Well done to every one of our riders! Your determination, grit, and sportsmanship made the 2024 King Price Race to the Sun an unforgettable event.

As we reflect on the incredible moments shared on the gravel, we look forward to welcoming you back next year. Until then, keep pedalling, keep pushing your limits, and keep the spirit of cycling alive!

See you at the starting line next year!

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