Race to the Sun is around the corner and we would like to get you to race-ready before then.

Please find all the necessary details below for the event: 


Details about the route, water points, planning and distances.


A bike wash service after the race is now available for R60.


  • Every rider needs to have a new SAS board (with QR-Code) for Race to the Sun. 
  • You can also NOT collect your SAS board at any of the designated Specialized shops! If you purchased a SAS board online or if you still need to purchase one, you have to collect it at registration on race day.
  • It is important to note that the new registration and timing system does not support the old SAS boards (without a QR Code), so make sure that you purchase a new SAS board for Race to the Sun and future Faces Advendurance events.
  • When you arrive at the race venue the QR code on your SAS board will be scanned. If you ordered your SAS Board online, we’ll scan the QR Code sent to you by sms. So, be sure to have your SAS board or your phone handy at registration.


  • No spectators will be allowed onto the start venue.
  • Only those riders who are leaving their vehicles at the start and who are making use of the shuttle service back from Sun City will be allowed to park their vehicles inside the start venue. Secure parking will be available until 10 pm. Thereafter, parking will be at their own risk.
  • A demarcated and clearly visible Drop Off Zone outside Die Oewer will be available for riders who are being dropped off for the start of their race. We encourage riders to make use of the Drop Off Zone.
  • Please do not enter the start venue to drop off any riders, as this will create unnecessary traffic congestion.
  • Parking access into the venue will be strictly controlled.
  • Please be registered and present 30 minutes before your start time.
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If you would like to make use of the shuttle service, please go to your Entry Ninja profile and under “Merchandise” you can select your preferred option.

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If you are booked in at Sun City for Friday Night you will receive communication on bike transport and shuttle departure to the start venue via SMS & whatsapp.



The planned time for the shuttle service to depart from Sun City after the race will be at 13h00 & 17h00 on 3 October 2020. Only riders will be transported. Bikes will be transferred to your choice of bike shop on Monday, 5 October.


  • Due to current Covid-19 regulations, we can, unfortunately, not allow any spectators onto the finish venue. However, drivers who are collecting riders from Sun City will be granted access to the finish venue. Anyone who is collecting a rider will need to register and produce a Rider Collection Pass (Please see Finish Venue Logistics below for more detail).
  • We also regret that there will be no Valley of the Waves passes for anyone due to the strict COVID-19 regulations still in place. Sun City needs to ensure that their venues operate below 50% capacity and they will therefore only allow guests who stay in Sun City into the Valley of the Waves. No riders or family members who do not stay in Sun City will therefore be allowed into the Valley of the Waves. There will also be no option for day visitors.  
  • Please abide by all COVID-19 regulations with regards to screening, sanitising, wearing of mask/buff, and social distancing at all times. Find the list of the regulations HERE
  • A complete list of the COVID-19 regulations and the Faces Advendurance Indemnity clause will be displayed at the screening area upon entering the start venue.

Kindly familiarise yourselves with the current COVID-19 race regulations beforehand, so you know what to expect on race day.


  • Please ensure you wear your mask/buff at all times until the start of your race. You may remove it once your race starts.
  • To enter the race venue our registration and screening staff will be using a screening app where you will be asked to answer COVID-19 related questions.
  • Please be prepared to sanitise your hands and have your temperature recorded.
  • Familiarise yourself with the event Indemnity clause HERE, as you will be asked at registration whether you understand its implications and agree to it.
  • If you are an Elite Rider please go through registration before commencing with your warm-up.
  • Please sanitise when using the toilet, vendor and medical facilities.
  • All water points will be COVID-19 compliant and no-touch. Drinks and snacks will be sealed. Please fill your own water bottle so as to avoid contact. Please wear your mask when at the waterpoint.
  • Waterpoint 2 will have a Tech Zone available.
  • E-bike riders need to ensure that they have sufficient battery power for the duration of the ride. The logistics around this remain their responsibility.
  • The cut-off will be at 17:00 at Waterpoint 5.
  • Upon finishing your race, please proceed to collect your goody bag, medal and FLEXFIT Race to the Sun cap. We encourage riders to clear the finish venue as quickly as possible to avoid converging more than what is absolutely necessary.
  • Showers will be available at the finish venue. We will no longer be able to use the facilities at the Valley of the Waves.


  • Due to current COVID regulations, we cannot allow any spectators onto the race venue.  
  • Please abide by all COVID-19 regulations with regards to sanitizing, wearing of mask/buff, and social distancing at all times. Find the complete list of regulations HERE;
  • Please read through our Indemnity clause HERE, as you will be asked during the screening process if you understand and consent to all rules and regulations;
  • Full COVID-19 regulations and the Advendurance Indemnity clause will be displayed at the screening area upon entering the Venue.


Need to ensure that they have sufficient battery power for the duration of the ride. The logistics around this remain their responsibility.


Make sure you are familliar with the Race Rules and Regulations.

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If you have not booked accommodation yet, Sun City has offered Race to the Sun riders and their families some fantastic accommodation at discounted rates well worth considering. Check out the available accommodation here

Only guests who have booked accommodation inside Sun City will have access to Valley of the Waves.


  • Please follow the following guidelines when collecting a Race to the Sun rider from Sun City after the race:

    • Sun City, unfortunately, does not allow any day visitors on race day, therefore special arrangements need to made for riders to be picked up.
    • Drivers who are collecting riders need to enter through lane 1 or 2 and park in the main parking area of Sun City.
    • Please fill out this form to be allowed access to collect your friend or family member.  
    • The Skytrain will not be running. A complimentary shuttle will be waiting at the Skytrain pick-up point to take drivers to the Race to the Sun finish venue.
    • When drivers have found their riders, please make your way back to the parking area by shuttle.
    • Riders need to ride down to the main parking area on their bikes, but shuttles will be available  to transport drivers back to their vehicles.. 
    • Remember to wear your face masks and to adhere to social distancing rules at all times.


Sweeping vehicles will be at the back of the race pack to ensure everyone is safe on route. Please install the MySOS app on your phone and also save these numbers:

Race Director, Jaco van Staden | 083 789 7780 (Race day emergencies only)
Safety Officer, Manus De Waal | 083 441 8570
Advendurance Office | 012 012 5205

Race To The Sun starts on 3 October 2020









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