It is with great regret that we have to inform all participants and spectators that Race to the Sun 2019 is postponed to Saturday, 25 May 2019 due to unsafe weather conditions. The downpour of rain throughout this week has caused multiple rivers to flood in critical areas of the route.

Safety officer, Manus de Waal says: “We have crosschecked and monitored the routes and determined it is potentially unsafe for riders to participate. Rivers are overflowing and roads are flooded in various areas along the route.”

“Although we are grateful for the rain, riders’ safety is always our number one priority. All race preparations have been finalised and we really looked forward to hosting this second edition of this event. All the food and drinks will be donated to the communities in the surrounding area, so it will not go to waste. We have put a lot of effort and detail into this event, but we cannot control the weather and its effects.” – Francois Theron, Race Director

A few questions that you might have:


What happens to my entry?

All entries will be transferred automatically, and you will still get your merchandise, but just at a later date.

What if the May date is no longer suitable?

Contact the race office on so that we can make alternative arrangements.

What about my accommodation?

Most accommodation venues have a 7 day cancelation policy, and will not be able to refund or move the dates.  We suggest you still take a weekend off, use your accommodation  and enjoy the Pilansberg Nature Reserve and many attractions which Sun City and the surrounding areas have to offer. We hope you will enjoy the weekend of fun at Valley of Waves

What about the personalised SAS number I bought online?

Your SAS number will be delivered to the Specialized store which you indicated during the online purchase process. This will be available from Tuesday, 19 February 2019. Your SAS number board can alternatively be collected at the Nissan Trailseeker registration on 10 May (

Should you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to ask

Race to the Sun | Route Flooding
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Race to the Sun | Route Flooding
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