Training for a 100-mile race can feel like a daunting task. Kevin Benkenstein shares his top 5 training tips to help you ease into it and conquer race day.


Mostly easy, a little really hard

Training should be done 80% below heart rate and 20% as hard as you can go, this gives you the best aerobic base, as well as the speed for race day.


Ride your weaknesses

If you struggle to climb, climb a lot.

If the flats are hard, spend a lot of time on the flats peddling or on a spinning bike where you cannot just freewheel.


Ride over the top of the hills

Stopping to rest as soon as you crest a hill costs you all of your momentum, a few extra pedal strokes over the top keeps you moving forward into the downhill, where you can make up some time.


Practice pacing

In the race you’ll need to be consistent to keep going for the full 162km, so riding in the 70-80% heart rate zone will get you used to what the race should feel like.


Don’t ride too far

If you can ride 120km you can ride 162km, but overdoing training can leave you tired come race day. Rather hold back and let your body be fresh on the day of the big ride.

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