The race will have a neutral start at Die Oewer next to Hartbeespoort Dam. Riders will continue to ride throughout the town and through the well-known Harties tunnel, to have the official start on the Hartbeespoort Dam wall.

From here on out, it is race on! Starting with a tar road section, riders will turn off onto the dirt roads along the canal, heading north towards Brits. The race will continue on tar roads throughout the outskirts of Brits. Riders can enjoy beautiful scenery and view the slopes of the ancient and majestic Magaliesberg Mountains. After approximately 30km, the road will join with gravel train roads.

Riders will be taken back through time, riding alongside the canal that has been there since 1928. Did you know: The Brits canals brought water to large areas of farmland around Brits, which encouraged the cultivation of citrus, vegetables and grain, the mainstays of the present farming community.

Race to the Sun | Preliminary Route Profile 2018
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Race to the Sun | Preliminary Route Profile 2018

NG Church Dalunie will be the first stop on route at 45-kilometres. Spectators and family members can cheer their loved ones along as they pass by.

Following the dirt roads alongside the canal, will lead riders towards Beestekraal. This part of the route has quite a long tar road section in between. The next water point/spectator point is the handover point for the relay teams at the NG Church Beestekraal at 85-kilometres into the race.

From Beestekraal, riders will continue their way alongside the Crocodile river, past the Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve. The hardest part of the route will be after the 13-kilometre tar road section, when riders will cross the river with a 20- kilometre gravel road drag, this is also called “the Wall!”, do not under estimate this part of the route towards Bojateng.

From here on out it is all about endurance and “vasbyt”. A lengthy tar road section ahead through an old forgotten industrial area will treat riders to hidden gems of the area. Riding towards Mogwase, riders will see the crater of Pilansberg and reach the last railway section with 30-kilomtres to go. Here riders will encounter the last stretch of tar toad leading to Sun City.

Just before Sun City riders will turn off into the nature reserve, past the traditional Basotho village and onto the Gary player golf course for a royal finish at Valley of Waves! Live music and cold Radler beers will await!

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